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Pure Poison

My Poison Ivy. Not a drastic reinvention but not exactly canon. I’m curious to see what kind of reaction I get from this one.

Good Evening, Ladies and Gentle Men…

Today’s entertainment!

This is the first of a series of portraits of Batman characters. Check the gallery to see the Black and White version. Editors, better snap me up fast, ’cause I’m red hot.

And by the way, each piece will be for sale, starting with this 11″x14″ beauty. $120 plus shipping takes it.

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Folks Are Talking About Little Old Me…

I’d like to thank the ever glamorous chronicler of the comic industry glitterati, Heidi McDonald, for posting about my latest scheme in her Publishers Weekly blog, The Beat.

I’d also like to thank Lan Pitts for passing my info on to the Batblog.

And most recently, thanks Robot 6 at for posting about it . . . → Read More: Folks Are Talking About Little Old Me…

Updated Fan Art Gallery

Posting more stuff to my fan art and sketches gallery.

Batman Gallery Officially Up

I’ve installed a Batman Gallery to keep up with my latest project. There’s a set of sketches I collected from last year’s sketchbook. Also, there are a couple more Joker pics in there. Sorry to keep harping on about this, but sometimes I get obsessed with a project and need to get it out of . . . → Read More: Batman Gallery Officially Up