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A Little Faerie Magic

Here’s a little taste of the Good Neighbors Vol. 3, the last chapter in the series. Enjoy. GN3_pg010_pencils ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 7

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PS: That little bit of big news in on the way. Stay tuned.

One More For Luck

Babs Gordon will always have a place in my heart. I always hear the Batgirl theme song in my head whenever I see her, nd think about Yvonne Craig in her sparkly purple suit. Oh, and Yvonne had fabulous hair. She was our Audrey Hepburn. We won’t see the like of her again soon.

. . . → Read More: One More For Luck

Today’s villian is Killer Croc.

Croc is one of those Bat-villians that, if you’re not careful, can turn the modern, post-Miller Dark Knight back into the goofy fifties Caped Crusader who flies around the galaxy in a bat-rocket. Or worse, into the postmodern incarnation who refers to himself as “the Gaddamn Batman”, and seems to be the belligerent, testosterone-pumped . . . → Read More: Today’s villian is Killer Croc.

Happy Tuesday…

Working hard on Good Neighbors, Mouseguard, and a mystery project that I won’t announce till I get the full go-head. Here’s the latest Bat-Villain.

The Penguin often struck me as a victim of the Batman world’s narrow focus. All the villains have colorful and various styles and methods, but in the end, they all ended . . . → Read More: Happy Tuesday…

Get ready to loathe me…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Harley Quinn.

I’m sure you’ll get along like a house on fire. There may be no survivors.