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The new Polly and the Pirates Artist

Drumroll, Please.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Robbi Rodriquez on Polly and the Pirates….

7 comments to The new Polly and the Pirates Artist

  • megaera

    Hmmm….I could swear that Onipress said the 2nd volume is coming out in early 2011.

  • Very cool! I like his work. The sketches and pencils look super!

  • Anthony

    I just discovered Polly and i’m excited to order Vol 1.

    I’ve searched all over the internet and I can’t find anywhere US bound that is selling Vol 2. Did I misunderstand that its out?


  • tednaifeh

    The second volume is out. Try Amazon, or your local Barnes and Noble. Or better yet, go to your local store and ask them to order it for you.

  • Nix

    Huzzah! When is the second volume going to come out in the U.S.? I found a copy of the first in a library up in the Pacific Northwest sometime last year, and have wracked my brain ever since trying to remember what it was called – finally I have!

  • Very nice…I’ve liked his work since the Maintenance days.

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