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Confidential Cover

Some folks complain about Batman: Confidential, that it’s not in continuity, but to me, that’s a strength. I like the idea of little side stories in the Batman world. Plus, You can clearly get away with more, as evidenced by issue #18.

Streets of Gotham Cover

Frankly, it’s late enough I have no idea whether this one is awesome or crap. Please be kind. Also, as you can see, I’m not a serious designer, so forgive the imperfect logo designs. I mainly just want them to evoke a feeling.

Detective Cover

Here’s my second attempt. As per someone’s critique, I changed the logo for this one to make it a Detective Comics issue, which got me thinking all pulpy. Then I kinda went nuts. Enjoy.

Bat Cover

When I first uploaded a bunch of Batman sketches, James Sime of Isotope Comics Lounge recommended I do a set of cover designs. here’s the first. Stay tuned for more.

Couple of Comission pieces

Just quickly, here’s a couple of commission pieces for fans that didn’t get anything at Dragon*Con because I ran out of time.

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Snow and Bigby from Fables. I haven’t read Fables, so I really can’t figure out what signifies these two. I may start again.

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