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And Off To Italy

Lucca Festival in Lucca, Italy, is the country’s premiere comics and games event, and I’m going to be there, rubbling elbows with great Italian comics luminaries such as Mike Allred, Gary Frank, and Terry Moore.   If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by.

3 comments to And Off To Italy

  • It was a really pleasure to met you in Lucca at ReNoire stand… and thanks a lot for your fantastic drawing of Polly and for uncle Aloysius on Courtney Crumrin comics!!!
    Congratulation for both comics, I’m a Courtney fan but now I’m a Polly fan too.

  • Vel

    Love Courtney and in Lucca I got a sketch. Thanks for coming in Italy!

  • Alisha White

    Hi! I’m a big fam and I’m working on a project with Bucky Carter to write rationales for English teachers to use graphic novels in the classroom. Our CD is coming out in November from Maupin House, and we are presenting book talks on our rationales at the National Conference of Teachers of English in November in Orlando. I wrote a rationale for using Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things and I’m really excited about the CD coming out and presenting. I wondered if there is anything you would want me to mention about the writing of Night Things in my book talk.
    Have fun in Italy!
    p.s. here are links to Bucky’s NCTE page and Maupin House page, if you want to check out the rationales project.