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First Review – Polly and the Pirates Vol 2

Eric Henrickson of the Detroit News has some lovely things to say about Polly Volume 2.

1 comment to First Review – Polly and the Pirates Vol 2

  • I picked it up today without even opening it. I was so happy to see it on the shelf. I literally squealed. I have been snooping about looking for info on it for a while, There’s not been much. I love your art so much and I’ve introduced countless people to Crumrin and Polly. I could not wait, so I went right to the coffee house next door and got a coffee and sat down and opened it. I was sooo so disappointed to see Polly looking like a cross-eyes floozy and lighting that my eyes strain to interpret. And then it clicked. It’s not your art! I feel totally jipped. It’s like when they just recast new actors and get a new director -but keep the same writer- in a sequel to a movie you love. Boooo! I will begrudgingly read this, and continue to study your Mouse Guard weave and the old Courtney Crumrins.