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My New Color Sketchbook


My first attempts in my new color sketchbook. Busting out the watercolors…

Original Art…


By the way, I just wanted to post a reminder that my original art is still for sale HERE. If you see something you like, why not own it? Check back frequently, as available pieces rotate frequently. And if something you see isn’t up the next week, check with Lan, my sales rep, if it’s . . . → Read More: Original Art…

Some New Batman Sketches


Some comics artists spend their life drawing corporate-owned characters, and draw their own concepts in their spare time. I’m the opposite. Here’s my latest experiment, a 1920s Batman.

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Experimenting with micron pens and really simple lines. My latest inspiration is the deco magazine art of Russell Patterson.

Color Courtney in digital format FOR FREE!


Digital is the new pulp! If you’re curious to see the new color edition of Courtney before the hardcovers hit stores, here’s your chance. Download Volume 1 for free at! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Courtney Crumrin Hardcover

Courtney Vol 1 hardcover

My lovely editor, Jill Beaton, just sent me this jpeg of the new edition. I almost cried.