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Princess Ugg Volume 1

Hey folks! Hope you’re all up to date with Mighty Ülga! If you need to catch up, I have good news! Princess Ugg volume 1, collecting issues 1-4, will be released into comic shops November 19th, along with issue 5. So if you haven’t started collecting the very finest comic on the market today, now’s a GREAT time to jump on!
The cutoff for retailers to order the book is Monday, October 27th, so go pester your retailer RIGHT NOW! Here’s the pertinent information:

Princess Ugg V1
On Sale:  11/19/14
FOC deadline: 10/27/14
Diamond Code: JUL141336 

Princess Ugg #5

On Sale:  11/19/14
FOC deadline: 10/27/14
Diamond Code: SEP141517

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