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Are you going to Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend? If so, I’ll be at the Oni booth (#213) to sign books and show you a sneak peek of my new series, Princess Ugg. Or you can get an original, one of a kind sketch from yours truly. Any subject you like!

worlds-finest_01_BW Firefly_02_BW Finfangfoom_01_BW

] BlackBolt-Medusa_01_BW


It’s 2014! Want an original Ted Naifeh?

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I’m opening my commission list again, taking requests for black-and-white or watercolor pieces. Got a favorite character, like Batman, Disco Dazzler, or perhaps even an obscure favorite like Courtney Crumrin? I’ll draw the hell out of anything you like. I ain’t cheap, but I can be had. For prices and possibilities, please contact my art guy at tednaifehart at gmail.

Here are some past examples of past commissions:


A Broom with a View – ebook

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Yes, you read that right, folks. My friend Gayla Twist and I sat down over cider and caramel apples, and got to talking  about our love for classic romance novels, and the trend of reinterpreting them for the modern genre audience, and the title “A Broom with a View” drifted across the table, as if magically out of thin air.

We quickly abandoned the idea of just shoehorning magic and monsters into an old book, deciding instead to recreate the story of the beloved E.M. Forster novel, A Room with a View,” as a romance between a soulful vampire and an adventurous young witch. We then realized that we wanted to make a more radical departure from the original material, setting the story against the backdrop of a war between the two supernatural peoples, turning the whole tale into a spooky Romeo and Juliet story. By then, we decided we weren’t plotting a gimmicky version of “Room with a View,” but an original story that borrows parts of E.M. Forster’s plot structure.

Thus was born A Broom with a View, the adventures of Violet Popplewell, naive country witch, and her unlikely romance with the self-hating vampire Sebastian, as a war between witches and vampires comes to a boiling point. Gayla and I plotted the book together, and she wrote it out. It’s available now as an ebook on Amazon, which you can buy here:

We’re looking forward to more reader reviews. This is a grassroots effort, so we could use all the word of mouth we can get. Check it out, and by all means, let us know what you think, either on Amazon or Facebook and Twitter.

Check back for more info on Broom with a View in the coming weeks.

broom_kindle   BWAV_Cover_color



New York Comic Con!

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Just a brief note this time:

I’m off to NYCC! I may have a few official announcements at the Oni panel, which is, by the way, on Saturday from 3 to 4 pm.

Also, Courtney Crumrin Volume 4 hardcover is out on the 16th. Don’t forget to pick it up at your local comic store!

And here’s a little sneak peek at what may well be announced in New York.



New York Comic Con 2013

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Are you a New Yorker? Are you coming to the Javitz Center this year for NYCC 2013? Hey, me too! Come see me in Artist Alley, where I’ll be signing and sketching all weekend at table BB7.

I’ll be doing 8×10 sketches in black-and-white or color at the show, or you can order one ahead of time and pick it up. The advance order art tends to be a little cleaner and tighter, if that’s your preference. Here are my prices this year.

$40- black and white sketch 8 x 10, something like this:
(but, y’know, 8″x10″)



$80- watercolor sketch 8 x 10, will look a little like so:
(but a little cleaner, and again, 8″x10″)

$100 full figure black and white 14 x 17, or 11 x 17, depending on your size preference


$200 full figure watercolor 12 x 16.
Multiple characters are doable. Just ask for pricing.

If you want to commission something in time for the show, contact my art rep, Landon, at tednaifehart@gmail. And I hope to see you all there. Stay tuned for announcements about free sketches, books, and the super-secret Courtney Crumrin bat-barrette.

Ted Naifeh Panels at Dragon*Con 2013!

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Are you going to be at Dragon*Con in Hot-Lanta this weekend? Then come see my panel on Friday at 2:30 and hear about my latest projects, plus get a FREE GIVEAWAY! Books and sketches will be given out to a few lucky attendees.  That’s Friday, Aug 30th @ 2:30pm in the Hyatt room Hanover F.

I will also be speaking at a panel titled Beyond Grimm and Campbell: Folklore, Fairy Tales, and Mythology in UF on Sunday the 1st @  5:30 pm, room discussing the ongoing, ever-changing nature of fantasy and it’s symbolism. Should be a fascinating round-table. That’s at the Westin, International BC room.

On Monday, Sept 2nd, I’ll be discussing faeries on a panel called The Fae: Friend or Foe?  That’s at 1:00 pm, also in the Westin, International BC room.


New Sketch Gallery

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Thanks all who came to San Diego Comiccon International. I has a lovely time, and met some great folks, converted some new fans, etc. I also did a bunch of new commissions, some of which I’m posting here:




Courtney Volume 3 Hardcover

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Courtney Crumrin in the Twilight Kingdom is out today in the classier comics shops around the country. Be sure  to pick yours up today. No one ever orders enough, so they’ll go fast.

To see a few color pages from Volume 3 to get an idea of the awesome, check out this sneak peek at

Also, of you’re in the Portland, OR area and are going to Stumptown this weekend, come get your signed copy at the Oni Press table. I’ll be there to sign it for you! A free Courtney sketch goes to the first person who gives me the password “Wilberforce.”


Courtney Crumrin’s Final Spell

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It’s been over a week, and I’m sure you all have noticed by now that Issue 10 was the final chapter in the story of Courtney Crumrin. I know it came as a surprise, but I didn’t want to spoil the story. It was a long time coming.

I believe that stories should end. Otherwise, they don’t truly say anything, and are therefore not really stories. Certain stories create rich, inviting worlds, and I often feel a deep desire to to return there over and over again. But I usually find that, after too long, the story stops moving, becomes stagnant, and the world loses its meaning. I didn’t want to do that with Courtney’s world, as much as I would have loved to dwell there forever.

Courtney had to grow, had to change. Otherwise, her adventures, her suffering, her lessons, would have been for nothing. And to change Courtney was to finish her story. I personally was less interested in the adventures of a mellow young witch who was wise beyond her years. But I wanted her to arrive somewhere near that peaceful place rather than just go on suffering. Otherwise, her stories wouldn’t have meant as much. Happily ever after isn’t much of a story, but it makes a great ending. So I’d just as soon leave it at that.

Anyway, last week, I did a post-mortem interview with Comics Alliance, discussing things Courtney, as well as future plans. Here’s the link.

And to all who came with me on this little adventure through the world of my grumpy little heroine, thanks for the company. I really REALLY couldn’t have done it without you. Stories don’t happen in a vacuum, despite what some story-tellers would have you believe. We need readers. Otherwise we’re just fools shouting nonsense into the void. Readers give our efforts their meaning. So thanks for that.

Ted Naifeh

San Francisco, the end of winter, 2013



Bon Voyage… again!

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Sorry for the long radio silence. I just finished putting the final touches on Courtney #10, and now I’m off to France again for Angouleme Festival, as well as Toulouse, Bordeaux, Brive, and a gallery showing in Pau. Stay tooned (see what I did there) for a big announce coming up in the next month or so. Until then…