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Writer’s Block

By Ted Naifeh  //  Blog Post, Sketchbook  //  6 Comments

Joanne Rowling once explained that she rewrote chapter one of the first Harry Potter book five times. The whole chapter was foreshadowing. She kept giving too much away, and would rewrite it more and more cryptically, until she settled on the present version.

I always thought book 1 chapter 1 was the weakest part of the entire Harry Potter series, and feel that Rowling might have done better to cut the entire chapter and do without it.

With the script of Princess Ugg almost finished, I’m finding myself going back and rewriting the opening scene over and over, trying to get it right. For a while, I had it to a point where nothing was wrong with it except that the whole thing was wrong. Time to start over.

In the meantime, here are some early concept sketches.

Princess_Ugg_06 Princess_Ugg_mammoth_2

Sequential Tart Review of Courtney

By Ted Naifeh  //  Blog Post  //  3 Comments

Courtney Crumrin and the Prince of Nowhere may be old news to some, but as with the other Courtney books, it’s still being discovered a year after its release. Here’s a brand new review by Wolfen Moondaughter of Sequential Tart.

This is one of those reviews that makes me think I may not be all that bad a writer after all.


Things learned and Dragon*Con 2009

By Ted Naifeh  //  Blog Post  //  8 Comments

1) Dressing up and acting like a dork is more fun than I could possibly have imagined.

2) My con sketches are getting better.

3) Jim Mafood is the Dude!

4) I need a new banner. Badly.

5) I need to bring more books. I sold out of almost everything again.

6) I need to sleep more. Lost my money clip and an original page intended for my webmistress from inattention.

6) Dragon-Con is still the most fun convention in the world.

Thanks again to Angela and Nick, Brian and Gwen, Lan Pitts, Jim Mafood, and Jean-Paul Gagnon for being such good company. Also, thanks Kelly, Greg, and Nina for helping out and making it such a great experience.