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One More Thing

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For those of you following me on Facebook and wondering how the Klingon turned out, here it is:


As you can see, I settled for six nipples for the male, and for the female, ?

Klingon anatomy is a mystery wrapped in an enema.


Festival Gotico in Malaga

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My trip to Spain was delightful. Folks in Madrid bought copies of the rather handsome Spanish edition of Polly. In Malaga, I was less known, so I fell back on the sure-fire approach of sketching folks favorite characters. Malaga is the home of Facebook’s Club Batman, so there was lots of Batman-related requests, which was not a problem. Here’s a selection of the sketches.


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For those of you heading to Wondercon next month, I will be making an appearance at the Oni table for an hour each day. Check in at Oni’s booth for times. Nothing new, I’m afraid, but be sure to get any books you don’t already have, or a piece of original art. Anyone who gives the code word “Sous Chef” gets a quick free sketch. (was just watching Ratatouille)

If there are any Spaniards reading my blog, I will also be appearing at Festival Gótico in Málaga from the 26th through the 28th. The code word there is “Banderas”.



The Coven, first look

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Here’s a glance into the Coven backup feature that I will be illustrating for DC, featured on their blog.

Editor Rachel Gluckstern talks The Coven with Rex Ogle and Ted Naifeh


Workin’ for the Man!

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So, I’ve been teasing you all with a big announcement for a couple of weeks. I was hoping for more fanfare, but since some of you folks are already on the edge of your seats, and some of you already read the Diamond catalog, I’ll go ahead and spill.

As of last week, I’m officially drawing a DC comics back-up feature called The Coven, appear in the Teen Titans series. The Coven is about three teenage characters from the DC universe with off-the-charts magical abilities, and, of course, huge amounts of angst. The series is already solicited through Diamond Distribution, and should appear on the shelves of your local comic shops in August. I hear my pencils are the talk of the art department at the DC office. Unfortunately, I can’t post them or tell you any more about the series until next week, when hot young writer Rex Ogle and I will be interviewed on DC’s blog. But I’ll be sure to cross-post.

For those of you worried that I’m going to be swallowed up by the DC machine, rest assured that I will remain predominately an indy artist, devoted to my personal projects. But a guy has to pay the bills somehow. And frankly, I’m not above taking a few mainstream fans with me to the dark side.

Stay tuned for more info!