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Bon Voyage!

By Ted Naifeh  //  Blog Post  //  7 Comments

I will be heading off to France today to attend Saint-Malo’s Comics Festival, Quai Des Bulles. I’m also making stops in Lyon, Besançon, Annecy, and Grenoble. Drop in a say hello if you’re in any of these locations. The password to win a little watercolor piece is “Pamplemousse.” But only one will be given out per day.

For all you other folks that don’t live in France, I will hopefully be posting pics of all the lovely sites, shops, and meals you’ll be missing. That is, if I can manage to get ahold of a prepaid sim card, or get access to free wifi (which, in Europe,  is like finding water in the desert).  In the meantime, here is some commissions I did recently.

Punk_Storm-2012_color Catwoman_01_lineart Harley-Ivy-2012_color

New York Comic Con

By Ted Naifeh  //  Blog Post  //  3 Comments

So here’s the thing. Most of the time, I’m drawing my various books, like Courtney. I’d love to post some of that up here, but that might spoil the surprises, and there are lot of surprises in store. In my spare time, I do a lot of other sketches, drawings, etc. that aren’t related to Batman, but most of them are ideas for projects I have in the works. As much as I’d love to post them, I don’t want to share them before they’re done, because that might spoil the soup, as it were. So please indulge my little hobby. Anyway, I hope you like the results.

In any event, I’m heading off to New York Comic Con tomorrow. I’ll be sitting at the Oni table all weekend, promoting the very handsome new Courtney Crumrin vol2 hardcover. The first person who gives me the password “Ultra-Humanite” gets a free sketch, but not necessarily of the Ultra-Humanite.

Here are some more scribbles from my sketchbook to keep you busy.