One More For Luck

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Babs Gordon will always have a place in my heart. I always hear the Batgirl theme song in my head whenever I see her, nd think about Yvonne Craig in her sparkly purple suit. Oh, and Yvonne had fabulous hair. She was our Audrey Hepburn. We won’t see the like of her again soon.

Stay tuned for some big news.

15 Comments to “One More For Luck”

  • You mean this theme song?

    And yes, the big news is pretty awesome.

  • That’s the one.

  • Awesome. And you’re right on the money about Yvonne Craig, too.

  • Gotta love it. Great work, man!

  • Ted – is this one 11 * 14 and for sale like the others? Or has it already gone? The big news is Teen Titans, yeah – or something else too?

  • This piece seriously rocks!

  • The big news is Teen Titans, yes. Sketches are coming. This pice is indeed 11×14 and for sale.

  • You forgot to mention that Barbara is also the coolest librarian EVER, which has always been my favorite thing about her. Besides the motorcycle, of course. :-)

  • Love the Fluevog rocketboots ;)

  • If I want to talk to you about this piece where can I contact you? (cant find an email – may be going blind though!)

    You can contact me at john.potten ‘at’ gmail.com

    Thanks Ted

  • @Astra Thanks. Inspired by someone I know who won a ‘drag race’ in a pair just like them. Too bad they don’t really come in yellow, ’cause… AWESOME!

  • I like the Luna series Lambretta. But then again I’ve thought that Robin needed a Cezetta and Batman a Velocette Viceroy.



  • Those are some sweet machines. Thanks, Charles.

    Courtney Crumrin eas Criaturas
    Da Noite muito legal e a sustador tambem minha opnião é essa Obrigado a todos baybay

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