Couple of Comission pieces

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Just quickly, here’s a couple of commission pieces for fans that didn’t get anything at Dragon*Con because I ran out of time.

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Snow and Bigby from Fables. I haven’t read Fables, so I really can’t figure out what signifies these two. I may start again.

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Based on a pic of Joan Crawford I have in my apartment.


3 Comments to “Couple of Comission pieces”

  • Oh my GOD, NOW I see the Joan Crawford. Well played, Ted.

  • Bigby is the Big Bad Wolf, (Big B, get it) Snow is, well, Snow White. They mix and match a lot in that series.

    Another series you should get a crack at when they do their periodic short stories by other creators.

  • Oh, and needless to say, Catwoman never uses wire hangers to pick locks. :-)

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