While You’re Waiting

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I’ll soon be posting art for the sequel to Courtney Tales: A Portrait of the Warlock as a Young Man. But in the meantime, enjoy this selection from my sketchbook.

Batman Beyond_cover_03_pencil

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It took me a few episodes to get into Batman Beyond, but now I really dig it. Of course, they gave Bruce Wayne all the best lines. ┬áSay, I hear they’re making a comic. I wonder if they need a fill-in artist. Hmmm….

7 Comments to “While You’re Waiting”

  • Indeed, the way that you draw the old Bruce Wayne is awesome.

  • I love it! You really grasp the idea that the suit isn’t skintight, it’s packed full of machinery! Can’t wait to see your issues.

  • Yeah, I thought the foot jets and the instant batarangs should come from SOMEWHERE.

  • That is flipping INCREDIBLE, Ted! You and Batman are two great tastes that taste great together.

  • Thanks so much, Dean. That means a huge amount coming from such a formidable talent. Hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain sometime.

  • Oh man, anytime, dude. And thanks for the kind words! I’m a huge, fan!

  • hi

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