Things learned and Dragon*Con 2009

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1) Dressing up and acting like a dork is more fun than I could possibly have imagined.

2) My con sketches are getting better.

3) Jim Mafood is the Dude!

4) I need a new banner. Badly.

5) I need to bring more books. I sold out of almost everything again.

6) I need to sleep more. Lost my money clip and an original page intended for my webmistress from inattention.

6) Dragon-Con is still the most fun convention in the world.

Thanks again to Angela and Nick, Brian and Gwen, Lan Pitts, Jim Mafood, and Jean-Paul Gagnon for being such good company. Also, thanks Kelly, Greg, and Nina for helping out and making it such a great experience.

8 Comments to “Things learned and Dragon*Con 2009”

  • Had a blast! Thanks for letting me tag along.

    That really sucks about your clip and art page, though.

  • It certainly was a GREAT time! Yay! APE in 5 wks! :-)

  • I learned that Ted does a kick-ass batman sketch!!

  • I assume you’ll be there again next year, my dear?

  • I definitely will be there next year, barring disaster. And the Batman sketch will be up soon.

  • Awesome. I will actually be there next year for the fashion show (had to choose between that and AWA this year, I chose AWA for some reason) so I’ll have to swing by XD

  • Very sad that I have just been introduced to your work & that I missed D*Con for the first time in years. Yes, I’ve been under a rock or something. I’d heard many wonderful things, but just read “Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things” & must now have much more. Thank you! :)

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