A Touch of Color

By Ted Naifeh  //  Sketchbook  //  4 Comments

I’ve been experimenting with watercolors for the first time in years. Once upon a time I filled sketchbooks with color experiments. But after over a decade, my technique has gotten rusty, and I have to relearn to wrangle physical color media in my spare moments. It’s been slow going, since Courtney keeps my pretty busy, but I might try my hand at doing acrylic painting again soon. In the mean time, my color sketches have been pretty fun. And yes, I’m taking the occasional commission.





4 Comments to “A Touch of Color”

  • Love your watercolors. The Doom looks mean, as he should.
    Bondage Catwoman is fun but Batman doesn’t seem to enjoy himself…

  • These are really nice!

  • Batman catching catwoman, that’s so great !
    I hope to see you in St Malo and maybe have the chance to ask you a Batman squetch !

  • These all look awesome, Ted! Keep it up!

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