And Now For Something Completely Different…

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While I’m waiting for editorial at Scholastic to approve my thumbs for Good Neightbors 3, I’ve cooked up a plan to get a gig from DC comics drawing a Batman fill-in or two. What can I say? Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. Here’s the first taste of my sample work.

More is coming very soon.

11 Comments to “And Now For Something Completely Different…”

  • Giggity

  • I know I tell you this ALL the time, but I really do adore your artwork, Ted. MUWAH!

  • I just now saw the Catwoman concept. LOVE the “Thrillkill” vibe she has.

  • nice! I can sell a boatload of your Batman comics.

  • O the hawtness!

  • I love Batman so hard. These look great! Good job :3

  • @Angela: Thanks much, sweetie.
    @calum: I hope I can give you the opportunity.
    @Kelly and Blasphemina: Happy to turn you on in my own geeky way.
    @ Lan: She’s modeled after Diabolik. It’s all part of my little idea to take Batman back to the sixties, but keep the dark, serious tone.

  • Great panel construction, I love how Bruce looks, very Jim Aparo-ish.

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  • What wouldn’t I pay to see that much style in a bat book – does anyone here know Greg Rucka?

  • Your Lucifer issue seems so long ago now…

    A Hatter story would be so nice. Or the Penguin. Top Hats and Victorian Suits and Madness… Written by Dini or yourself. Preferrably cat- and bat-free…

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for this one.

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