Still on the Batman Kick

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They say Beethoven, unlike Mozart, got his work exactly right after getting it wrong in every conceivable way. For every little immortal phrase, there are hundreds of rejected experiments. I find that I work like that most of the time, at least when it comes to Character design.

Here’s a set of Batman villains I’ve been working on. These are all works in progress, and may never see the finished page. Feedback is most welcome.

9 Comments to “Still on the Batman Kick”

  • I’d love to see you do a run on Batman & Robin. They’ve had rotating three issue arcs for their artists, and I think that would be awesome.

    C’mon, DC. Get outside of your usual mold!

  • You already know what I think.

  • @George I’d love to work on Batman and Robin. But I’d be happy to draw Streets of Gotham, Sirens, or whatever else they got.

  • You should hook up with James Robinson and draw a Shade series.

    Love these Batman sketches though, especially your takes on Poison Ivy, a longtime favorite character of mine.

  • I love James Robinson, but I don’t really dig Shade. Or anything at Vertigo anymore, frankly.

  • I was referring to the DCU kinda-sorta bad guy that Robinson reimagined in his Starman…he’s not Vertigo. It was that Mad Hatter piece that reminded me of him.

    Ok, I’ll take my geek hat off now.

    I hope you pick up some work via these sketches- they’re (unsurprisingly) excellent.

  • Robin made me LOL. I really loved Ivy – esp the one with the ivy boots and gloves. :-)

  • @Angela Glad to tickle you.
    @Johnny Never take your geek hat off. NEVER! And thanks for passing me along to James. I never heard from him, BTW.

  • Joker 3 is AMAZING! He looks perfectly nuts. Batwoman 3 is also great. I love her stance. Also, I will likely have Robin nightmares. Unless it’s not Tim Drake. The other Robins are asking for it.

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