Courtney Crumrin

The magical adventures of a grumpy girl who discovers witchcraft through her mysterious uncle Aloysius.

Polly and the Pirates

When Polly-Anne Pringle is kidnapped by pirates who are convinced she's the daughter of their long lost queen, her only desire is to escape to the safety of her beloved boarding school. But she soon finds the spirit of adventure awakening within her, and discovers an uncanny penchant for swashbuckling that would shock her classmates.

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Death Junior

Based on the PSP game, Death Junior follows the adventures of DJ, an otherwise ordinary kid who happens to be the son of the Grim Reaper. DJ must contend with the travails of Junior High, as well as the enemies of his father.

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The Good Neighbors

New York Times bestselling author Holly black pens this tale of faerie magic and teen angst, with illustrations by Ted Naifeh.


It's been over twenty years since The Dark Night Returns rocked my world, and I'm still a sucker for Batman. Recently, I've been giving serious thought to getting a gig filling in on the various Batman books. Here's my sample pages and a selection of sketches.

Fan Art and Sketches

Art from and for my favorite people in the world.