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Catch up on Ugg!


Ugg number 8 is out, finishing off the story arc. After much consideration, I have decided I want to give Ugg a break and switch to one of my other pending projects. Ugg series 2 is coming eventually, but right now, I have a number of other stories in the pipeline.

In the next year, . . . → Read More: Catch up on Ugg!

Princess Ugg #6

PUGG #6 - banner

This is the issue where all hell breaks loose. Princess Ugg #6’s order cut-off date is 11-17. If you’re enjoying Princess Ugg, tell your comic retailer to order TONS OF COPIES! Or at least one for yourself.

Diamond order code OCT141575.

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Dragon*Con 2014


8.28.2014 Dragon*Con starts tomorrow in Atlanta, though I understand that festivities are already underway. I’ll be flying in with Unwoman, my awesome go-to Dragon*Con Buddy, who’ll be performing all weekend in the Hyatt’s Concourse (in case your curious.) As for myself, I’m in the Hyatt’s art room. I’ll be bringing the latest editions of Courtney . . . → Read More: Dragon*Con 2014

Podcast Interviews!


I gave two interviews over Skype last week for two different podcasts, and they’re both up now.

Matt Fischer had me on his Life Leave Me Alone podcast, and we discuss comics for girls, Alan Moore’s genius and grumpiness, the pop music of our youth, and what kind of tie I like.

The interview starts . . . → Read More: Podcast Interviews!

Nerd Pro- …errr, Comic-Con International


It’s that time of year again, where I spend way too much money on a swanky hotel and rub elbows with comics most talented creators. In other words, Nerd Prom! Or as some folks call it, Comic-Con International! I will be signing at the Oni Press exhibition booth every day, and we’ll have Princess Ugg . . . → Read More: Nerd Pro- …errr, Comic-Con International