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NIGHT’S DOMINION #3 is in stores now. Be sure to pick up your copy if you haven’t already done so. And if you like it, post a review on Amazon, or your favorite social media platform! 

Here’s a sneak preview of NIGHT’S DOMINION #3


NIGHT’S DOMINION: milestone achieved

With the completion of art on issue 6, my work on the first arc of NIGHT’S DOMINION is officially done. It now awaits Aditya’s letters, and then it will be heading for the printer.

This last chapter was an exhausting, exhilarating challenge. I’m trying to hold myself to higher and higher standards, but doing all . . . → Read More: NIGHT’S DOMINION: milestone achieved

NIGHT’S DOMINION #3 – November 23rd!

My latest series, NIGHT’S DOMINION, will release its 3rd issue Wednesday, November 23rd in comic shops all over the country. Issue 3 is when shops tend to drop their order numbers, so it might be wise to call yourt local store ahead of time and reserve your copy in advance, just to make sure . . . → Read More: NIGHT’S DOMINION #3 – November 23rd!

Hey everyone, I got a nice updated site!

After over a year, my website is now ready to move forward. I decided on a clean, simple design that focuses on basic info and pretty art. Special thanks to my friend Angela for implementing a new WordPress site. Check back for updates.