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NIGHT’S DOMINION #3 – November 23rd!

My latest series, NIGHT’S DOMINION, will release its 3rd issue Wednesday, November 23rd in comic shops all over the country. Issue 3 is when shops tend to drop their order numbers, so it might be wise to call yourt local store ahead of time and reserve your copy in advance, just to make sure . . . → Read More: NIGHT’S DOMINION #3 – November 23rd!

Hey everyone, I got a nice updated site!

After over a year, my website is now ready to move forward. I decided on a clean, simple design that focuses on basic info and pretty art. Special thanks to my friend Angela for implementing a new WordPress site. Check back for updates.

Catch up on Ugg!

Ugg number 8 is out, finishing off the story arc. After much consideration, I have decided I want to give Ugg a break and switch to one of my other pending projects. Ugg series 2 is coming eventually, but right now, I have a number of other stories in the pipeline.

In the next year, . . . → Read More: Catch up on Ugg!

Princess Ugg #6

This is the issue where all hell breaks loose. Princess Ugg #6’s order cut-off date is 11-17. If you’re enjoying Princess Ugg, tell your comic retailer to order TONS OF COPIES! Or at least one for yourself.

Diamond order code OCT141575.

. . . → Read More: Princess Ugg #6

Dragon*Con 2014

8.28.2014 Dragon*Con starts tomorrow in Atlanta, though I understand that festivities are already underway. I’ll be flying in with Unwoman, my awesome go-to Dragon*Con Buddy, who’ll be performing all weekend in the Hyatt’s Concourse (in case your curious.) As for myself, I’m in the Hyatt’s art room. I’ll be bringing the latest editions of Courtney . . . → Read More: Dragon*Con 2014