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Into the Lair of Dragon*Con

Yes, My friends, Dragon*Con is coming up fast. It’s time for mayhem in stormtrooper drag and chance encounters with TV celebrities of yesteryear. I will be in the Pop Artist Alley, and will be signing and sketching all weekend. Also see me in panels such as:

Illstration and Artistry in YA on Friday Night at 11:30 PM (that will be a wild one, let me tell you) in Marriot room A707 (are you writing this down? Good!)

Scary Faerie Tales, Saturday at 1:00 PM in the Hyatt’s Montreal/Vancouver room (if you can find it in the maze).

What are these panels about? It doesn’t matter! They’re fun for the whole family, and I’ll be on hand to make sure they don’t get boring.

Also, a free quick sketch for anyone who gives me the secret password, which will be “AAAAAAAAAARRR!!!”

Be sure to say it loud!

do illustrations/artwork find their way into published works? Graphic novels… changing how young adults read? Does the visual impact literature?

5 comments to Into the Lair of Dragon*Con

  • I’ve never been to DragonCon as an artist, but I’ve gone a couple of times just as one of the masses and found it strangely more fun than most other cons. There’s some kind of crazy pride to the craziness that seems more… subdued here at the Florida shows. Have fun.

  • tednaifeh

    Sorry, not gonna make it to Anime weekend. Gonna have to wait till I get my summer home in Atlanta.

    And by loud, I mean indoor loud, of course. I’m not a barbarian.

    Except when I am.

  • Misangela

    Call me when you get in! Kelly has my cell – I think. I’ll email you both with it!


  • Define “loud”, I’d hate to disturb your neighbors haha.

    I’m going to try and make it to Kelly’s birthday shindig.

  • Are you going to Anime Weekend Atlanta? Probably not, but I figured I’d check XD