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Still on the Batman Kick

They say Beethoven, unlike Mozart, got his work exactly right after getting it wrong in every conceivable way. For every little immortal phrase, there are hundreds of rejected experiments. I find that I work like that most of the time, at least when it comes to Character design.

Here’s a set of Batman villains I’ve been working on. These are all works in progress, and may never see the finished page. Feedback is most welcome.

9 comments to Still on the Batman Kick

  • Joker 3 is AMAZING! He looks perfectly nuts. Batwoman 3 is also great. I love her stance. Also, I will likely have Robin nightmares. Unless it’s not Tim Drake. The other Robins are asking for it.

  • tednaifeh

    @Angela Glad to tickle you.
    @Johnny Never take your geek hat off. NEVER! And thanks for passing me along to James. I never heard from him, BTW.

  • Robin made me LOL. I really loved Ivy – esp the one with the ivy boots and gloves. 🙂

  • I was referring to the DCU kinda-sorta bad guy that Robinson reimagined in his Starman…he’s not Vertigo. It was that Mad Hatter piece that reminded me of him.

    Ok, I’ll take my geek hat off now.

    I hope you pick up some work via these sketches- they’re (unsurprisingly) excellent.

  • tednaifeh

    I love James Robinson, but I don’t really dig Shade. Or anything at Vertigo anymore, frankly.

  • You should hook up with James Robinson and draw a Shade series.

    Love these Batman sketches though, especially your takes on Poison Ivy, a longtime favorite character of mine.

  • tednaifeh

    @George I’d love to work on Batman and Robin. But I’d be happy to draw Streets of Gotham, Sirens, or whatever else they got.

  • You already know what I think.

  • I’d love to see you do a run on Batman & Robin. They’ve had rotating three issue arcs for their artists, and I think that would be awesome.

    C’mon, DC. Get outside of your usual mold!