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Batman Gallery Officially Up

I’ve installed a Batman Gallery to keep up with my latest project. There’s a set of sketches I collected from last year’s sketchbook. Also, there are a couple more Joker pics in there. Sorry to keep harping on about this, but sometimes I get obsessed with a project and need to get it out of my system. The feedback has been great.

11 comments to Batman Gallery Officially Up

  • Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brilianlt posts.

  • Alestaire

    The joker is very much coming to life. Fantastic facial expressions. Also the checkered trousers are working fabulously. They should stay in Joker’s wardrobe to pop up at times.
    The Riddler seems to be in his early stages not having a definite look or character yet. Looks like you are really being hooked by the Batman theme. Keep drawing and up-dating us.
    Have nice weekend

  • tednaifeh

    Very good point! The trick then is to make it more sexy that they can’t kiss. Frankly, I don’t think Batman has been adequately sexy since the ’66 romance with Miss Kitka.

  • dnwilliams

    Amazing work – the Diabolik/Girl on a Motorcycle look is strong. That mask makes it harder for her to kiss Batman though 😉

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  • Hey ted, did you get my email?

  • These are looking fantastic!!! You had to chose the one superhero I love above all others, eh? Keep up the broody work 🙂

  • I like that last Joker. That is perfect!

  • tednaifeh

    Thanks, Frank. It’s clear to me that anyone doing the Joker ought to start, like Bob Kane and Bill Finger did, with The Man Who Laughs. As you may already know, by big introduction to comics was DKR, and the Joker was completely amazing in that (until book 3, anyway). So yeah, I really want to do a Joker that doesn’t smile until it really counts. Like so many other things, they did a great job of that in TDK. Boy, I tell ya. That film was like experiencing DKR all over again.

  • Frank Beaton

    The final draft Riddler is great. I like the shape of the mask — how it looks like he’s perpetually raising one eyebrow, forever amused at how stupid the rest of us are. Excellent design.

    Totally crushing on that last Joker (12/16) in that almost-19th-century frock coat. The face is great — little hint of “The Man Who Laughs,” which, of course, totally works. And as far as the Joker-without-a-smile question goes, Miller did it beautifully in DKR. Personally I think the smile should only come out when it’s been earned — like when you see the grin, that means something terrible is about to happen.

  • tonguetide

    Sexiest versions of the characters I’ve ever seen!