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A Little Good Neighbors 3

Still chained to my desk, slaving away to finish Good Neighbors 3. On the other hand, I finally managed to make the style I’ve been experimenting with work. Here’s a sample.

In other news, I’m definitely not going tobe at Comic-Con International in San Diego this year. I’m really sad about this. It’s the first one I’ve missed in 20 years. But I really need to get Good Neighbors finished. Plus, with the money I save, I’ll be able to go to New York Comic Con. If you’re an east-coaster, I’ll see you there.

7 comments to A Little Good Neighbors 3

  • tednaifeh

    the French publisher is Bragelonne Edition. I don’t know exactly when it’s expected out there, but certainly soon.

  • Alienor


    I want ask if Akileos will publish Good Neighbors. I see that i am not the only one waiting this in France^^
    May be i will not waiting…

  • synistara

    I think your artwork is just amazing. So much that after you stopped working on Gloomcookie, I couldent read it anymore… Like a song that gets remixed, it just was different and my brain rejected it. An odd question.. I was wondering if i could possibly converse w you about a drawing of a nurse.. I am in nursing school and when I graduate I plan to get one tattoed on my left hip. I have the monster from gloomcookie on my left hip (pretty big actually) and honored to have the nurse drawn by you as well. Please? Maybe 🙂

  • Kmill

    Ohhh!! This comic seems great!!

    I really enjoy the other ones (gloomcookie, polly & courtney)
    I hope we will have a french edition of “A little good neighbors” soon… 🙂

  • Devereaux

    I’m reading book 2 right now, Kith…and I just have to tell you that you’re brilliant. Every single little ‘box’ blows me away, your art work in this series is simply fantastic, and it compliments the writing, literally perfectly. It actually makes the novels (and that’s saying a lot because Holly Black is my favourite author)

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • My daughter Sarah came to Comic Con and met you a few years ago. You signed her copy of Polly TPB and she was hoping to see you again this year. She’s disappointed you won’t make it, but she understands your deadline.

    “Good luck” (with two thumbs up), says Sarah.

    Oh, me too. See you next time!

  • Once again, the Magic is operating.

    There are too much details on those pages that I like to tell you.
    I cannot wait any longer to read one of your new books, here in France.