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New York, Here I Come!

I will be incommunicado for a week, as I’m heading for New York for NY Comic-Con! Look for me at the Oni Press booth, #2331, right next to DC Comics.

In the mean time, enjoy this silver-age Catwoman.

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3 comments to New York, Here I Come!

  • Ray,
    Please email for commission info. I’m Ted’s rep and we’ll work something out 🙂

  • .ray.

    Sadly i never saw you at NYCC.I kept asking Oni but they had no idea what time you would be there.Only said that you were around.I’m still hoping to get a commission or two for my family.Please let me know if there is any chance.Let me know if you need my email.Thanks for your time.

  • .ray.

    I’ll be looking for you.Really love your work and hope to get a commission.Will you be selling artwork too?How much are your commissions?Can you email me with your rates?Oh,if you wanted to do Sparrow again i would’t say no,but you don’t have to.Hope i can get a commission by you.See you at NYCC sir.