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Big news. My friend Adrianne and I just finished our first journey into Henson’s Labyrinth. The story will be out in time for New Comic Book Day.


Sadly, I don’t have time to draw this book, as I’m completely overwhelmed with Courtney Crumrin and other secret projects. Happily, this won’t be a problem because THIS GUY is doing it. Holy cow! But just to be a tease, here’s a Hoggle sketch I did for craps and giggles.

6 comments to Labyrinth

  • Ted Naifeh

    We’ve been waiting around for a long time for the Henson company to give us the green light. But at this point, I’m not holding my breath. Sorry guys. I wanted to do this project so much.

  • Ashbet

    Same question — I’d had an Amazon pre-order, and I just got an e-mail canceling it.

    Sorry to hear that the project has been delayed :/

  • Knels

    Ted, what’s the status on this project? It’s such a great idea and I can’t wait to read it, but I’m not having any luck tracking it down :/

  • Ted Naifeh

    This whole project is still up in the air. I’d cancel the order for now.

  • theunnaturaldisaster

    I preordered this for my best friend’s birthday in May and I just got an Amazon notification that it has been delayed until May of NEXT YEAR. Is this true or is is a typo?

  • Awesome!! We can’t wait for your work to be OUT!

    Oh, and FIRSTIES!!

    Also: we are trying to get out there for Kelly’s shower. ::fingers crossed::