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Bon Voyage… again!

Sorry for the long radio silence. I just finished putting the final touches on Courtney #10, and now I’m off to France again for Angouleme Festival, as well as Toulouse,¬†Bordeaux, Brive, and a gallery showing in Pau. Stay tooned (see what I did there) for a big announce coming up in the next month or so. Until then…

10 comments to Bon Voyage… again!

  • mattias

    Yes, but on the page before, not in response to the store and it’s attendant.

  • Ted Naifeh

    Didn’t she?

  • Mattias


    The old Courtney would have said “kill me now”.

  • Hey Ted,

    just got thru #10. brilliant brilliant work. last nite was the first time in years that i felt the urge to write a fan letter to a comic. in any case, bravo, kudos, very well done ! i hope that this is not the last we see of courtney.

    as soon as i turned the last page, i wanted to dig into my longboxes and read the whole story right from the beginning in one go, but had to hit the sack to make it to work this morning. see, i was trying to recall whether aloysius and his brothers were twins, because then the narration when courtney wakes up after the big climax would seem a bit misleading wouldn’t it ? plus, he must have picked up a few tricks in fairyland ?

    anyway, if i see your name on something, i will definitely always at least consider picking it up. i have copies of the gloomcookie issues, how loathsome, death jr., polly and the pirates, and the good neighbours books. anything else i should be on the lookout for ?

    hope you had fun over the pond !

  • WEI

    Hi Ted,

    Is Vol 10 the last book of the Courtney series? I really hope not.

  • Michael

    Lots of questions after Courtney #10… related to your “big announce” perhaps?

  • Peter

    I just read Nr 10! So grateful for this great story, one of the best books I ever read. Please tell me we will see more of Courtney! Compliments! Best wishes, Peter

  • Mattias

    Going to keep on being surly… Stockbrook, when presiding over the mock trial of Aloysius and Courtney, suddenly loses his tie. In the beginning he wears one, but suddenly there’s only a shirt. Spooky!

  • Mattias


    I just picked up Duela Dent. I ordered it because, well, Duela is a weird girl, but it would have been nice if you had given a headsup so I would have known it was you. Might have missed it.

  • Thierry

    Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow in Pau . Enjoy !