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Space Goat presents HEROINES! Coming this summer!

I know you’re all still reeling from the last epic chapter of NIGHT’S DOMINION! But shake it off, because there’s more big events coming! 

Space Goat Publishing has just announced my new series, HEROINES! Set to launch in Summer 2017, HEROINES follows the adventures of Marcy Madison, fresh out of college and ready to save the world. Undaunted after her rejection by New York’s premiere superhero team, she decides to place an ad on Craigslist to assemble an all-female team of her own. But she’s not ready for how weird and dark the superhero business can get!


HEROINES #1 will be 44 pages of story and art. Stay tuned for more info plus sneak previews. 

Here’s an official press release on

Also, for those of you who fell head-over-heels for NIGHT’S DOMINION, don’t dismay! Volume 2 will commence later in the summer! I’m on an insane creative tear! I hope you like the results. 

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