Polly Vol 2

I’m currently beavering away at Polly volume 2. It hasn’t been decided whether it shall be a six-issue miniseries, a GN, or three “prestige format” issues, as I’ve been doing with Courtney. Interestingly, as a writer artist, I understand why artists get the big bucks and writers get the big recognition. Writing is 80% inspiration; art, 80% perspiration. With Polly, once I get a good head of steam going, I can knock out an issue script in a day. But it takes weeks of outlining, thinking and rethinking, doubting, worrying about the gun on the wall in Act 1 and whether I can work its discharge into Act 3. Still, it takes a month of work and worry to write a six-issue series, and six months to draw it. On the other hand, when I don’t have inspiration to guide me, no amount of work in the world will prevent a story from being utterly mediocre, as my editors will attest.



My new website is officially launched. It’s a little bare right now, but there’s a gallery, a links page, and of course, a place here for folks to post comments and chat with me. Please don’t be shy to post your thoughts, long or short, and I’ll be checking and responding regularly.

Also, I intend to post a fan-art and con sketch gallery, but I have to go through my closet and find some of the great art you folks have sent over the years. Somewhere, I still have a photo of the first tattoo based on my work, which was a Gloomcookie cover. But if you have fan-art or con sketches you want me to put up in the gallery, send them.

In other news, the script for Polly Vol. 2 continues apace. I’ll let you know when it’s done, and post art as it becomes available. The artist for Volume 2 is the amazing Robbi Rodriquez, whose website can be found here.

Finally, I’m starting a twitter account, which is to say, I have become a twit! Look me up.

Hello world!

Hey there. As I mentioned below, I’m working on a new wordpress site with me groovy new web mistress. Stay tuned for the new gallery, plus a much more regularly updated blog. Just as a tidbit, I’m currently writing Polly and the Pirates Vol 2. More on that late breaking story as it progresses…