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HEROINES Kickstarter Campaign week 3

My campaign continues puffing along slowly. I want to thank all those who backed the book, and tell you how much your support has meant. 

I just did an interview with Wolfen Moondaughter at Sequential Tart, which is now up. Thanks, Wolfie!

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The Punisher: Why Do I Love Tormented, Violent Heroes?

Netflix is a part of my lifeline. I spend hours on end every day drawing, inking, etc. If I don’t have something to occupy mind, I get distracted and wander off. TV, good and bad, books on tape, podcasts, they help me focus. So alas, I’m more up on TV culture than comics culture. 

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NIGHT’S DOMINION season 2 #4!!!

While I was so busy with my Kickstarter campaign, I almost forgot about my other series, NIGHT’S DOMINION! Season 2 #4 is coming out TODAY! Check your local comic shops!  Diamond order code SEP171796

NIGHT’S DOMINION is my other current obsession. I have an epic series of adventures planned. I may take a break from . . . → Read More: NIGHT’S DOMINION season 2 #4!!!

HEROINES Kickstarter is Now Live!

My Heroines Kickstarter is LIVE!

Please go to the campaign page and take a look.  There are many tiers and goodies to consider. I’m very excited and a little terrified about my very first Kickstarter. Fingers crossed it goes well and this beautiful book can come into being! 

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Kickstarter Countdown

The Heroines Kickstarter campaign launches to November 28th! It’s four days away. Don’t forget to check back right away. I’m hoping for a strong first 24 hours! I will post a link when the project goes live!  Thanks in advance!